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Sunday, August 30, 2009

hard drive blues

I'm on my husband's laptop at the moment, envious of of the portability and ease that it offers. Well envious period...

My hard drive crashed a few days ago leaving me without any access to any of my writing or photos. Thank the Lord my husband was wise enough to buy me an external hard-drive about a month ago, so I backed up my sequel, screenplay, and all my important photography shoots.

My computer dude called Saturday to say he's working on my computer, and the hard drive may be partially retrieved ... fully retrieved ... or not. at. all. Sigh.

So as of now, I'm praying that it's fully retrieved as I've got my photoshop, final draft software, and current photoshoot, that I shot last Monday (which didn't get backed up yet).

I'd rather not re-shoot anything, as it's a hassle for the family that's already paid me a sitting fee and taken their time to meet me at the park. I'd rather not refund their sitting fee as a courtesy because of a computer. Although I'M HAPPY to if I need to, as it's the right thing to do. If someone has to meet me again for a reshoot, I'm going to refund them their money. BUT - I'd be so thankful if those pictures are still there. (crossing my fingers)

I'd also rather not reload my final draft software...or spend more money to purchase photoshop. I don't have the original CD to reload it, as we got it through a previous job & have no access to it now.

So thank you for listening to my vent session. I'll be up and running soon hopefully. I just shot a wedding this past Friday and am ready to download those pics for the happy couple.

Come on computer dude! Call me with good news!!!
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