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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What happened the the girls?

Okay lets face it - as women we know our power is held in many areas ... one of them being our bra size.

I was one that was always flat chested growing up. Flat as a pancake. I always envied girls in school, who were ogled over by the boys because their boobs were the first thing you could see when they walked up.

Secretly I know those girls envied me as we got older, because I never had back problems due to my large endowments. I was perky and cute, and grew into my womanhood. Instead of my boobs outgrowing me.

However, once I had my child my breasts fell nicely into the C cup range. When pregnant, I was a double D. I gave enough milk for 4 kids, and my family called me 'Elsie'.

After I stopped breastfeeding, they were the perfect size for me and my husband's tastes. Yeah! I liked wearing tight tops as I could actually show some cleavage for the first time in my life, which was in my 30's.

Is this TMI or what? Well now, after waiting tables for one month. I've not been eating regularly at all. I've lost 5 pounds or so, without trying which would normally be a good thing.

EXCEPT instead of my body taking the inches off where I needed them ... around my thighs ... where do you think I lost it all? That's right!

I'm not an A anymore but I'm ready to have my girls back.
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