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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay I fess up ...

I know times are tough. I also am one to keep a sunny side up in times of trouble. Anyone that reads my Daily Blessings blog, will know I see blessings in the midst of chaos. And 99% of the time ... I do. It's not just me typing that philosophy to fool you all that life is that good if you make it--> I honestly feel that focusing on my blessings gives me peace in midst of strife. Giving God thanks in times of trouble is a wonderful way to keep it together.

Today, it's not that I'm not thanking Him upside and sideways ... because I am. He's so wonderful in providing for me each day. Sometimes it's day by day in how we get by financially. HOWEVER --- I'm stressing out some.

The job I took waiting tables, to work around my son's school schedule, is not paying what I thought it would. And with the economy, the first thing people cut back on is tips. I'm making 20-30 dollars a day.

I'm needing a huge friendly benefactor, who has tons to spend to stop by my bank and say, "here, I have plenty to spare --- drop some in Kim's account please."

How about a millionaire coming to sit in my section? Seeing that I work hard and with a smile? And dropping me a $500 tip? That would be a huge huge blessing!

Stress ... fessing up here ... I do have it. We all do! I'm just trying not to let it take me over today.

post note: My Sunday School teacher just called to direct me to the financial assistance program they offer members through the church. He was thinking of me and thought I may benefit from it this month.

Is God good or what????
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