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Monday, February 11, 2008

My blog love to thee...

Piper, a friend of mine at Bliss in Bloom is quickly becoming one of my most favorite people in blog land. (The other two are Terri and Tam, who I highly recommend stopping by)

Back to Piper...She sent me a blog love award and I'm humbled to put in on my page. I guess that means she loves my blog almost as I enjoy hers! I tried to figure out how to embed some code so it would link to her page, but I'm so computer illiterate when it comes to that stuff. If anyone can tell me how...please leave me a note on how to for blog dummies!

If you're not already reading up on Piper's world then you should. She's got an amazing heart and a highly intuitive spirit about her. She's well worth the click through just to read up on her life and her world.

I hope you all have a fun reading and let me know what you think on all three of these amazing women. I'm sending some blog love to all three of you...Piper, Terri, and Tam!
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