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Monday, October 15, 2007

Screen Shot Crazy

Terri over at Terri Terri Quite Contrary tagged me with an easy and interesting meme. I pass a few of these on from time to time. We all get bombarded by these, so I feel bad passing all of them on. But this one was easy and fun...so here goes.

When she tagged me she said, "Blessed1, aka wornoutwoman at Daily Blessings and Worn Out Woman, respectively, because she’s a talented photographer and I’ll bet she’s got one of her photos on display on her desktop too."

Okay so I don't know how talented I am...but she was right that I would have one of my photos on it. I of course had a great picture of my son on it, but since I won't put his face on my sites....I switched it out for another sun. One we all see everyday. One that rises and sets...giving us a fresh start each day and will close the chapter on a full day.

The sun setting in any part of the world is a beautiful sight! So enjoy it people...almost makes ya want to grab a margarita doesn't it? :0

I want to bestow this honor to the following:

** Mommy Loves Diamonds, a woman who loves to put it out there. Someone that makes us all think, and isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. Someone I really respect, so I'd be really interested in seeing what her screen shot is.

** Speedcathollydale, a humorous man who is fun enough to pass this award on to everyone blogger he knows. I bet he's listed about 3 hundred bloggers to pass it on to. He makes me laugh daily. I'm not sure what he'll have on his screen shot...but I'd be willing to bet it's golf related or possibly a 'Caddy Shack' moment. He's a great read if you ever stop by. PS...speedcat...I will pass this one on soon. --->

** Jeoprah, a stay at home dad with the cutest stories and pictures of his cutie pies. I found him through cre8buzz, and am so glad...he's a great blogger and a genuinely nice person. Most every post will be accompanied by a funny photoshopped pic on his site...so I'm sure he'd have a crazy screen pic from his desktop.

** Homespunhonolulu should have a screen shot that will make us all want to travel to the beach, listen do Don Ho, and go surfing. I love reading this site to remind me of home in Honolulu...so I'm very interested in seeing what screen shot she'll have. Hmmmm...Pearl Harbor? Ala Moana Shopping? The flea market at the pro bowl? Do share!!!
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