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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Please comment....

I posted this on my other site today, but felt the need to post here as well. Please go to Daily Blessings (its in my blog roll) and comment after reading this. I'd be interested to see how you feel after reading our exchange.

I recently wrote a movie review on a recent film, and posted it at another site I author as well. I've had multiple comments at my other site, but just a few here on Daily Blessings. This morning I read a review, rather an attack and wanted to share it with you.

I think America is a beautiful place - full of so many different people, from different walks of life. Communicating across cultural differences, languages, and lifestyles can be a challenge, but it's what makes our country great. We get to freedom to express ourselves everyday and the choice to hopefully do it wisely.

Although I have no issue with what this person wrote, it is a very heated comment. This person obviously has some anger toward anyone, who isn't like they are. To me, I think it's great that everyone isn't like me. It's how you learn from eachother!

Please...I encourage you to read this person's comment and my response and let me know what you think...

Have a blessed day and for goodness sake....be nice to one another! :)

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