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Friday, August 17, 2007

8 days of little to no sleep

I think at this point I've forgotten how to sleep! Seriously! Here I am 2 hours past when I usually go to bed, because I'm afraid of 'not' sleeping and the frustration involved in trying. My son's surgery went well, and I thought one of the side effects he'd bonus from was sleeping!!!!!!!!

Not so far and I feel like screaming my lungs out like a baby! I am getting ready to sign off and do my nightly devotion before getting some sleep. And if it's anything like the last 4 nights, the minute I fall asleep....he'll wake up needing some Tylenol or T.L.C. which I'm more than happy provide. After all that's my job and I take it seriously, but it's also very important to be able to sleep and stay alert. I'm getting so grouchy so please God grant me the patience to make it if I don't get sleep and stay asleep!!!!

I went back to work on Wednesday and I'm really surprised that I functioned at all. I got two really big deals that I've worked hard on, so I'm thankful that God gave me some clarity to make a sentence at work let along get contracts done. Today I almost had 3 car accidents just because I couldn't focus.

I'm not sleepy, just running on empty. So Wornoutwoman I am today and tonight...slightly zombie-ish. Is there even such a word? Well, now there is ... zombie-ish...

Good night all....I hope some of you get some shut eye!
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