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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pump it UP!

Today we attended either our 4th or 5th birthday party at Pump It UP, which is an inflatable play zone. They have two different rooms with a diverse group of inflatables to play on. And they have a food room, where you can eat pizza and cake.

We had my son's there first, and it's just rippled from there. All the kids had so much fun at his, that most of the kids in his class are also having theirs at the same place.

It's the never ending gift of fun for me and my son! We get to go and play at least once a month! I end up having more fun than him most of the time, bouncing around and acting like a big kid.

At this point I'm tempted, okay MORE than tempted, to call the owner and say...You know I like to do business with those that do business with me. I plan on calling him next week and see if he'd consider letting me help him in his business, with what I do. The way I figure it, I've brought him at least $1000+ in new business within 5 months time.

We just got home and I'm pooped! For any parents out there....if you have anything similar to this type of place near where you live....think about it. It's a great way to exhaust your kids! Plus it's free when other parents pay your way when they have their party. That's bonus!!!
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