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Friday, June 08, 2007

Overdue Me Time

MommysGetAway recently posted a blog on her hobbies, and didn't necessarily turn it into a meme or a repost, but I thought I'd link to her page anyway. Hobbies? Hmmmm? When do I really have time for them?

I have to admit the older my son gets, the more time I do have to partake in a few of my hobbies...but that's still few and far between. However with my back being out of whack for the last 4 days, I've had more than my share of free time. I couldn't however get myself out of my comfy chair or bed to spend time doing what I'd really like doing--I was left to watch more than enough TV to last a life time. I'm so sick of TV!

If I'd been more mobile I would have:

** Loved to read a good book. I usually can read 2 of the big hard backed books in a day. Love them!

** Driven through the more rural areas just to shoot pictures.

** Written more of my manuscript and/or started the conversion to screen play.

** Gone out with the girls for a margarita and a little dancing the night away!

These are just things for me! I could list a few favorites that included my son....but that I get to do every day. This was to point out things that I'd like to do just for me!
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