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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Irritable momma!

Today I am completely unmotivated to do my job. I am so angry!

Normally I try to set the tone of this blog as one of encouragement or humor, but let's be real...things aren't always on an upside. Sometimes things will get down and dirty...it's how we deal with them that defines us!

Well I may not be very defined, because I'm not dealing with my anger very well today. My company, although an excellent one, has it's issues and one is how they've handled my pay lately. And if there's one thing that employees will get most upset about is when you mess with their pay check. My number one rule: Don't mess with momma's money!!!!

Each paycheck in this year has had something 'random' deducted out of my pay and it's like I'm sliding backwards in pay. I'm about to scream!

Okay...so that's my rant for today....just getting it out so I can keep doing my j-o-b!
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